Have you seen my granddaughter?

March 12, 2019
Chinnel Pottinger
Chinnel Pottinger
Chinnel Pottinger
Chinnel Pottinger

It has been approximately a week since Bluette Brown-Salmon last laid eyes on her granddaughter, Chinnel Pottinger, and the woman says she has not been coping well.

The 15-year-old Lennon High School student was last seen wearing her uniform on the morning of May 4, as she left for sports day activities at her school.

"We really don't know if she made it to school that day. The teacher said she wasn't registered that day, but I am assuming that because it was sports day, it would be hard to keep track of every student," she said.

Pottinger, who hails from Evans Street in Denbigh, Clarendon, is of dark complexion and is about five feet, five inches tall.

well-mannered girl

According to her grandmother, it is extremely unlike for the teenager to go missing in action, describing her granddaughter as a well-mannered girl.

"This is the first time something like this has ever happened. She is the type to call and let me know if she is running late because she can't get any taxi, and now we are not getting through to her phone. Every Monday, she would go to church for youth counselling, but she never turned up last week. She is a nice little church girl who would go to school, shop and church. Chinnel is no troublemaker," she said.


Salmon said her home is broken without the teenager and she is appealing to everyone who may know her whereabouts to contact the nearest police.

She added that Pottinger's father is also grief-stricken and like her, he is wondering what could have happened to his daughter.

"She is my little bright-eye-child. I have her since she was a baby and she is the apple of our eyes. I believe she is alive somewhere because I am a very optimistic person, and so I am not thinking that her body could be laying anywhere. Our heart just cannot process back so all I am asking is that she comes home. If anyone ... out there has her, please just send her home. I want back my baby ... If anyone see her just tell her, mi love her and she must come home," Salmon said.

Anyone with information about the disappearance of Chinnel Pottinger is being asked to contact 119 or the May Pen Police Station at 876 902-4169.

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