Gangster who peed in court found guilty of contempt

March 23, 2023
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Ted Prince, one of the defendants found guilty in the recent Clansman-One Don trial, has now also been found guilty of contempt after he shocked the nation when urinated in a corner of a courtroom during the gang trial. 

Prince was last week given one week to perfect his defence to convince Chief Justice Bryan Sykes why he should not be charged with contempt of court.

Skyes said Prince closed of dialogue with the police and just decided to act. 

He also said the next phase is the sentencing phase on April 14 in the new term which begins the Wednesday after Easter Monday. 

Prince, a 28-year-old lawbreaker is one of 15 gang members convicted under the Criminal Justice (Suppression of Criminal Organisation) Act, including Andre 'Blackman Bryan', who was convicted for leadership of a criminal organisation.

Prince, one of the gang's foot soldiers, was seen on a video link monitor peeing in a corner of the court during the trial.

Before the shocking development, Chief Justice Sykes was alerted that Prince wanted to speak, but shortly after, Prince was seen jumping over the bench and going into the corner to relieve himself.

Police personnel then told the judge that Prince wanted to use the bathroom and the trial was adjourned. 

Prince, while being escorted from the courtroom, was overheard saying, "If me wah come inna [news]paper mi nuh care. [Urinate] inna dat, me nuh care."

- Ainsworth Morris 

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