Neighbour’s daughter says my boyfriend is chasing her

June 23, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I read your column frequently. I am 24 years old and I am in love with a Jamaican man who is 27 years old. We have a good relationship. He has taught me to cook Jamaican dishes.

He likes to cook for himself so we are always in the kitchen together. When he introduced me to his mother, that was the first thing she asked "Can you cook?" And I said "Yes, and your son has taught me to cook peas and rice."

But recently, we have been having a problem. My boyfriend has got very friendly with a young girl who lives in the neighbourhood. She complained to me that he has made passes at her. When I asked him about it, he admitted it. This girl is only 17 years old. She has a boyfriend and her boyfriend is considered a 'bad man'. I told my boyfriend that if he wants to have an affair, he should do so with a much older woman and not with a child. He said this girl has only told me a part of the story. He said that she has been the one pushing herself on him and because he rejected her, she complained to me.

I know her parents. Do you think I should tell them that the girl they have in their house is not an angel and she should keep away from my boyfriend? I will be looking in THE STAR for your reply.


Dear N.A.,

You said that this young lady complained to you that your boyfriend has made passes at her and he has admitted it. How could he admit to making passes at her, but at the same time saying she has come on to him? Something is not straight here. If she approached your boyfriend and wanted to have an affair with him and he ignored her, she could be trying to blackmail him. Women do so all the time. They make up stories and false accusations against men when they cannot have their own way.

You have already warned your boyfriend to keep away from this girl and perhaps saying something to her mother may not work. But perhaps you should ask your boyfriend whether you should do so or not. I hope you try to build a good relationship with your Jamaican man.


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