Obeah man told my boyfriend to leave me

June 21, 2022

Dear Pastor,

I have an issue. I am in my early 40s and I am in love with a man who is about the same age. I am not employed, so this man takes care of all my bills and takes care of me.

I have two boys and one girl. My daughter is living with her children's father. One of my sons lives with us. He and my man get along well.

The problem I am having is that this man gambles a lot and he does not save. He also believes in obeah. If he has a stomachache, instead of going to the doctor, he goes to a science man or a science lady, and they pack up his head with nonsense and tell him who is doing him things. One time, one of them told him that he should leave me and he should stop eating from me. He did not tell me that they told him not to eat from me, but he told me that they said he should leave me.

He stayed away from the house for over one week and then he came back. I refused to sleep with him because I could smell all types of drugs on him. I asked him what he put on his skin. He did not tell me the name of the drug but he said it's to keep off evil spirits. I gave him soap and told him to bathe outside. He kept on his brief and I used the hose to bathe him. He dried himself outside and took off his brief at the door before coming in. This man makes good money, but the gambling is his problem. He does not smoke. Pastor, he does not have any money. It is only now I am insisting that he save some money and, if I don't take it from him and deposit it, everything will disappear. I hate these science people. They have tried to 'mash up' our relationship.

He told me that he did not go to any other woman while he was away. I asked him where he was staying and he said one of the science ladies has a little room that she told him he could stay in, and she cooked and gave him food. I want Jamaica to know that they should not trust these people who claim that they know folks who can work on them. I don't have any reason to work obeah on this man. In fact, the account that I have for him is in my name because he can barely read.

The only thing I know that I have done is to buy good cologne for him. Since I hosed him down, I have started to sleep with him again. I asked him how much these science people charge him but he won't tell me. He came back here very broke.


Dear P.L.,

Anything you can do to help this man, please do it. He loves his gambling and you will not be able to change that unless he wants to change. That is the way he has fun. I have always said that people who set up themselves as obeah men and women or science people are very wicked. They have destroyed good relationships and stable homes.

Your man got along very well with you. He did his gambling and you accepted that. But he continued to visit obeah people and he listened to their nonsense. They have tried to accuse you of trying to hurt this man. You have to forgive this man because he is illiterate and he cannot reason very well. You have been able to get him to save. I know you won't rob him, but these so-called science people will. I hope he will stop visiting them. Go easy on him and try to help him.


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