Girlfriend says I treat her like a prostitute

September 09, 2021

Dear Pastor,

Pastor, I am 29 years old and my girlfriend is 25. She is living with her grandparents, but they accept me as her boyfriend so I am free to come and go. Whenever I stay away for a couple of weeks, her grandparents, especially the grandmother, always enquires what is wrong. These people are like my own parents. I love them very much. But there is something that I find very strange. Whenever I go to see my girlfriend, I always take money for her. She is doing a course online and it is expensive. She is not earning enough to support herself and to pay for the course. Whenever I go to see her and I am leaving, I always give her money. To my surprise, one day she told me that I make her feel like a prostitute and I asked her how come. She said that I always give her money after we have sex, so that means I am paying her for what we did. She said that whatever money I am giving her, I should give her long before we go to bed. I told her that I don't see it that way, but she says that is how it appears to her. How do you see that, Pastor?


Dear L.T.,

Try to live in peace with your woman. You know that she is not a prostitute. Assure her that you don't mean to do anything that would give her the impression that she is one, so she has to learn not to be so touchy.


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