My 16-y-o brother is illiterate

June 04, 2020

Dear Pastor

I really need your advice. I have a 16-year-old brother who has never attended school because my mom could not afford to send him.

She is a single parent who got assistance to take care of me, but unfortunately, it was not the same for my brother. My brother has basic knowledge but does not know how to read and write.

I would really love to step up and get some help for him; I believe that he can really be successful. He is very practical and very useful.

I should also mention that he was not born fully developed as a baby. I am not sure of his disorder. He started talking when he was four and still does not speak clearly.

It was one of the reasons why he never attended school. He has been interested in cars and electrical work. But I would like for you to advise me on how to help him.


Dear S.M.,

I am pleased that you are concerned about your brother who is in need of help. It is unfortunate that he was not able to attend school but it is not too late for him to learn to read, and write and to follow instructions.

I understand that the best institution he should attend is HEART. They would take him and test him and place him into an area in which he will be able to work at his own pace, and they would also give him individual attention.

If he would cooperate, before long, he will be able to read and write and work towards his goal.

He needs all the love and attention one can give to him. Don't give up on him, encourage him all the way. Therefore, I want you to call HEART and explain to them the situation and do what they suggest to you. Thank you for writing and God bless you.


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