Crab and rum - Clarendon bar owner finds winning formula

September 27, 2022
Curried crab makes a crunchy treat.
Curried crab makes a crunchy treat.
Crab is always on offer at Crabby’s place.
Crab is always on offer at Crabby’s place.
Dave ‘Crabby’ Francis
Dave ‘Crabby’ Francis

On Cemetery Road in Denbigh, May Pen, where heavy foot and vehicular traffic are the norm, Crab Mondays HQ, a community bar, challenges the status quo by infusing life into the surroundings with tasty food, drinks, and good times.

Dave Francis, also known as Crabby, a native of Chudleigh, Manchester, who moved to Clarendon at an early age, opened the Crab Mondays HQ 20 years ago.

"I love crab," declared Francis.

"I am always preparing crab -- boiled crab, curried crab, all types of crab -- and people love that. So that inspired me to name it [the bar] Crab Mondays HQ, which took off," Crabby said.

With a solid product and name, it is no surprise that the main attraction for patrons at Crab Mondays HQ is crabs paired with Wray & Nephew White Overproof Rum.

Considering that the main purpose of drink and food pairing is to bring out the flavours of the dish, sometimes the simpler the drink the better.

"This is where the flavour of Wray Rum wins in bringing out the succulent flavour in the crab. Moreover, when the rum is in the food it automatically creates a flavour bridge to also pair it, as a drink, with that dish: making the combo of crabs & Wray Rum par for the course," Francis shared.

In addition to filling bellies and lifting the spirits of patrons, the bar helps the community with round robins and also to provide a place where the residents can enjoy themselves. Crabby also shared that "people look forward to the good service from both the staff and I as we're very friendly."

Although he never intended to be a bar owner, Crabby said that "he doesn't regret getting into it."

He remains in the bar business due to his loyal customers who keep coming back and inspiring him to continue.

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