‘It will not be a burden for us to bury her’ - Family of slain hairdresser hurt by colleagues’ claim

May 01, 2019
Charmaine ‘Pat’ Brown
Charmaine ‘Pat’ Brown
The spot on Princess Street in downtown Kingston where Pat operated from as a hairdresser.
The spot on Princess Street in downtown Kingston where Pat operated from as a hairdresser.

The family members of slain hairdresser Charmaine 'Pat' Brown are furious. They have taken issue with claims made by her colleagues in downtown Kingston that burying her would prove to be a financial burden to the family.

Ebony Hines, Brown's sister, said the family is not seeking any handouts, adding that there is no need to seek donations to bury their sister.

She said that her late sister would be infuriated by the claims.

"Pat did not like to beg and she was very kind. Pat's only issue was that her mouth was fiery, but once you know her, you would instantly fall in love with her," Hines said.

"Pat would rather bite her lip than beg anyone a dollar."

Brown was involved in a dispute with another woman last Thursday when a knife was brought into play. Both women were injured in the process and were taken to the Kingston Public Hospital (KPH) where Brown was pronounced dead and the other treated. Police investigations continue.

Poor background

"Why nobody never try assist when the girl a stab her, or even apply pressure to the wound? Yes, she may be from a poor background, but she has family," Hines said.

"The only thing they know about her is the fact that she is a hairdresser and that she choose to ply her trade downtown. It will not be a burden for us to bury her ... No one don't need to give them any donation. We had a candlelight for her on Sunday night and none of them showed up," she said.

Other family members described Brown's colleagues as being out of order. Hines said that the family is torn by her death and that the attempt by her colleagues to paint them as needy is very painful.

"What we are waiting on is for the autopsy to be completed and then we go ahead with the funeral preparations. We don't even need a bottle of rum from them, and this is just disrespectful towards her grieving family. I do not want anyone to use her death as an opportunity to try and get something for her. If they want to take up a donation and do something for her down there, that's fine, but don't get her family into it," Hines said.

Brown died leaving four children.

"She was really very kind and independent. It is hard and we are not coping. Pat was a really loving person," she said.

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