Having an adventure at Suncoast


October 26, 2015

Today I headed over to 12 Mile, St Thomas for Suncoast Adventure Park, home to Jamaicas first and biggest paintball facility. If you are a thrill seeker or someone who loves a challenge, hands down this adventure park is for you.

I remember coming to this place when it first opened, they actually extended me an invite to be one of the first people to test out the paintball field some years ago. Even then I thought how special it was to have somewhere like this to let loose, somewhere that friends can get together and learn how to work together while having a blast, literally.

Since that time Suncoast Adventure Park has developed into much more than just a paintball arena is now houses the Anansi's maze, miniature golf, the heart pumping 8 Obstacle course and zipline not to mention a trail hike that leads you to a breathtaking view of the island and more. The miniature golf was where I decided to start the day trying but more times failing to give that little ball proper direction throughout the nine-hole course, each course becoming more and more challenging.

The Anansi Maze wasn't much of my strong point either even though the staff tried to make me feel better for having a disappointing time of over 10 minutes. Anansi's maze is also a bit of a scavenger hunt where before you enter you are given a paper and you must then find each letter of the word presented on that paper.

According to the sign at the starting point the best time was about five minutes, so believe me this is no easy task at all, but it sure was a great workout, cardio tun up! Speaking of cardio the trail hike works for the health nut in you by providing you with a 45 minutes journey with mother nature and make sure to stop and enjoy the view at the top of the hill. In one word 'Extraordinary'!

The major challenge of the day for me was the Rope challenge course, eight tests of will power,

strength that will have your heart pumping. With the highest platform and final obstacle reaching 57ft off the ground, this is not for the faint of heart. For me the obstacles were not as hard as the final challenge, the zipline back down to mother earth, that last obstacle takes approximately seven seconds to complete but took me about 3 hours to talk myself into doing it. This trip I did not take the paintball challenge and believe me you may need another day to enjoy everything inside Suncoast Adventure Park so if you do go take note that they have now added a hotel to their property. So instead of cramming everything into a day of fun make it a weekend for friends and family. Suncoast Adventure Park for the adventurer in you! Make sure to watch the webisode of my adventure day at Suncoast Adventure Park shot by Antione Chung on www.Jamaicastar.

com or The Star YouTube page. Until next time my explorers Get Up, Get Out & Explore Jamaica!

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