Ras Chibuzo releases new single

September 15, 2021
Ras Chibuzo
Contributed Ras Chibuzo

Reggae artiste Ras Chibuzo recently teamed up with colleagues Ginjah and Prophecy on his single Fight Me, which was produced by Florida-based label Celestial Heights Music.

"People can actually relate and can find themselves in the song. Every part coincides correctly to paint the perfect picture. I want to say a big thank you to my collaborators. I appreciate the strength," said Ras Chibuzo. The artistes plan on doing an extended media promotion in Jamaica to support the track.

Though the single is still fresh, Ras Chibuzo explains that his work never ends as he is currently in the studios working on several tracks and videos to be released by year-end.

"Making your name in the industry is not an easy task. My team and I are willing to work overtime to bring forth projects that will help dominate the entertainment industry," said Ras Chibuzo.

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