Craven choke puppy

June 27, 2019

Soh dis couple up ya a Orangeman Lan been married fi a while, but di woman reach a point weh she file fi a divorce. Afta she file fi di divorce, di court say di husband fi gi har an initial US$50,000 fi she gwaan work wid while dem figure out how much more she fi get. Afta a while, she fahwud wid har lawyer an say she waan $78,000 more. Di husband neva hitch, him say, ‘OK, I’ll give it to her.’

Well, mi nuh know wa happen, but wen di wife hear say di husband nuh have any problem a gi har di $78,000 more pon di $50,000 weh she already get, she draw back har request an den return wid a request fi a bigga amount: $180,000. Di husband realise waa gwaan an decide say him a goh hol out pon di additional funds weh she a request.

Di wife an har lawyer den launch all kinda investigations fi determine jus how much money di husband a work wid? Dem investigations carry dem ova to di original country weh di husband come from, where dem maths out all a him businesses weh him have ova deh.


During da whole drama deh, di husband manage fi find out say di reason him wife move to him fi di divorce, an di reason she know so much bout him business holdings was because a relative weh him did a help di a full har up wid all kinda information bout him.

Di relative did a suffa inna di husband original country, an did call di husband an ask him if him could help him fi reach ‘Merica, caa nuttin neva did a gwaan fi him an him did need a staat. A soh di husband did decide fi help him an did indeed sen fi him an bring him come ‘Merica, mek him stay a him house, an get work fi him. An a while him inna di house wid di husband an him wife, di relative staat tell har a whole heap a history an sittin-sittin bout har husband. An a soh di wife who did well happy before wid har husband, eventually developed bad vibz fi har husband, to di point weh she file fi divorce – based pon all di tings weh di husband relative did a tell har bout di husband – di same relative who only came in contact wid di wife because di husband helped him incredibly.

Di court eventually awarded di wife only di first additional $78,000 weh she did ask fa, plus $2,000 a month. Part a di reason why di court neva gi har more was dat dem find out say throughout di marriage, a crazy money and support di husband did gi him wife.

Di husband had fully financed several businesses fi har to di tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, an tho each business initially made a lot of money, di wife eventually lazy up di ting an neva waan put een di work fi sustain an grow di businesses, an did prefa fi jus siddung an mek di har hard-working husband mind har inna big life.

Di wife en up not satisfied wid wa di court award har an now she outa road a live ruff life.

Di husband relative chat too much, and di wife too damn lazy an listen news too much, weh en up mash up har good-good life weh she did have.

Be careful who yuh bring a yuh yaad ... be careful wid even relatives.



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